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Public affairs and strategic analysis


Executive report with specialized information on the economic environment: monitoring of indicators, business environment, commercial strategy, key actors, issues of national and regional situation, analysis of the international panorama, monitoring of government strategies and calendar of relevant dates.

Executive report with analysis on the political environment of interest for companies: key actors, current issues, international panorama, electoral processes, governmental priorities, party dynamics, relations with lobbyists, analysis of political scenarios, monitoring of government strategies, among others.

Executive report on the activity of the regulatory environment of interest to companies with coverage to entities such as: Legislative Assembly, Superintendencies and other regulatory entities.

Monthly summary and permanent updates of Presidential and ministerial decrees, and the official law publications register.

Detailed report on a specific issue or situation at the request of the client, with elements such as: analysis of relevant actors, positions, chronological events, interest groups, among others.

Biography, academic records, professional experience, political links, publications, and other information.

Analytical synthesis report about an event of special interest for the commercial activity of the client.

Monitoring of the Municipalities of Quito and Guayaquil (ordinances and projects).

Monitoring of regulations according to their importance and urgency.